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The more you look, (at most everything in life),
the more you see, the more you learn.

Funny thing about learnings:
The more you learn, the more you tend to earn,
whether you count profits as something financial,
or by standards higher than that.

Your upbringing is a great determinant of this,
so, see how it fits on you;
how to get comfortable with learning more each time you invest the time,
take the time, make the time, apportion the time to get yourself, at least,
a bare minimum of one percent better at SOMETHING. Is that beyond you now?

You get to decide what, and when.
Learn more, to live more,
earn more, to give more.

It works out nicely that way.
The horse's mouth times many.

MisterShortcut made a habit of identifying and imitating
those routinely outperforming all the rest of us. Capisce?

Imitating who does it best is how we imitate their results, too!

Bring out the best within you, adding 1% more effort in YOUR today.

Read the greed, then feed your seeds.

Important shortcuts, important shortcuts,
for all that you do that's important to you.
Important shortcuts for all your life's deeds,
find that important shortcuts can fill your needs.

Important shortcuts are ALWAYS your important shortcuts,
comport yourself with your best ethics, and not as a whore does.
A whore in business is the worst of all, it's important to note this,
because it is THEY who build walls,
walls to divide the mean and the snide,
the methods that indicate the lack of pride.
See how quickly important shortcuts ease this.

Let your important shortcuts, clear up that mess,
if it's important you know you can get by with less.
Important shortcuts, they surround us around the world,
Important shortcuts work for all the boys and all the girls.
Is it not an important shortcut when you ask for assistance?
Is it a less important shortcut for you to cut across the lawn?
Is it an important shortcut when you eat food made by others?
You employ many shortcuts without asking if they are important.
When you use them on purpose, shortcuts become more important.
Live your Psychology of Shortcuts with fullest intention and attention.
In return, the Psychology of Shortcuts helps you to be more important.
Half your wealth is fairly earned by the Psychology of Shortcuts.
Invest that half into helping more of the helpless you find.
Where you see excessive wealth, you will see poverty.
Help the helpless for you to be rich and important.
Feed your shortcuts, as your shortcuts feed you.

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The world has not yet seen the very best of you.
This means your best days are still ahead of you.

Let's make the most of today, by squeezing more FROM today.
to use this shortcut to your profound and repeated advantage.

Any task or action that you need to repeat through life?

Whether you choose to get one percent better,
or just one percent faster, it is your choice.

MisterShortcut reminds you that excellence and mastery
are far more a feature and product of choice, not chance.

While confidence alone is not enough to win many of life's battles,
you can be certain that confidence WITH skill and knowledge... works!

If and when you believe in yourself as much as MisterShortcut believes in you,
you will find that you've already begun the biggest and best year of your life.

Use more shortcuts, and use shortcuts rightly, and better results are YOURS to enjoy.